18th January 2019

Veganuary: The Final Countdown

Veganuary: The Final Countdown

You’ve almost made it! For some it gets easier the longer you’ve been checking labels for, but for others it remains an uphill struggle. So how did it go, and how will you be moving forward?

We share our office with other companies, so we challenged a devout omnivore to take on Veganuary. They took a lot of persuading, but free Vegums for the month sealed the deal... They kindly agreed to lettuce know how it's bean going: from what they were struggling with to what they were enjoying most, we got all the gory details so that we could give some tips and pass them onto you!

 [responses edited for clarity and continuity]
  1. What made you agree to do it? (apart from us forcing you)
“As cliche as it sounds, I do like to try different things and set myself challenges. I strongly feel that as a nation we eat too much meat, and even if I don’t disagree with eating animals on the whole I definitely think we’re over-farming. I also wanted to offer a gesture of support as someone who’s privileged enough to relatively easily adapt to a vegan diet!”


So what are the effects of intensive farming?
Intensive farming is used to create a higher yield using a lower input or area, and it’s a huge deal-breaker for people thinking about going vegan. It’s an umbrella term that covers factory farming (often disguised under the phrase ‘confined animal feeding operations’), but that’s not its only negative impact. Huge amounts of harmful pesticides and insecticides are used, soil is eroded, forests are destroyed, and disease is rife amongst the livestock in cramped conditions.



Photo by Samanta Barba Alcalá on Unsplash


  1. Have you ever considered veganism/vegetarianism before?
“I’ve considered vegetarianism because it seems like a more comfortable lifestyle with a more balanced approach. I’ve been put off of veganism because it strikes me as a struggle.”

So has Veganuary confirmed this assumption or made you realise it’s false?
“I think it’s true in the sense that you do have to make the effort to check ingredients and watch what you eat initially, but I haven’t actually struggled to adapt my lifestyle - it was practically seamless compared to what I expected and it’s made me realise that life goes on regardless.”

  1. What’s been the most difficult thing?
“To give up? CHOCOLATE! I like Vego and other alternatives, but I still really struggle when the cravings hit. Otherwise, the only thing that’s a bit of a pain is checking the labels for everything because there are animal products in items you wouldn’t expect there to be. It’s great that lots of chains offer vegan options now but it’s still a bit of a pain finding local places where I can eat; especially when I’m with omnivores.”