30th October 2019

This Halloween, We’re Dressing Up as Climate Change

This Halloween, We’re Dressing Up as Climate Change

Is there anything scarier than the downfall of the ENTIRE PLANET? We don’t think so. That’s why we’re writing this cheat sheet on how and why you should make conscious (but still creepy) choices this Halloween. 

Holidays always seem to involve a lot of waste; whether it’s general, plastic or food. Halloween is no exception, with masses of single-use items going to waste as soon as ‘spooky season’ is over. Pumpkins rot on doorsteps and windowsills, rubber masks perish at the back of the wardrobe and packets of sweets are thrown out as soon as we’re sick of them. 


We don’t want to be complete party poopers so we’re not going to say that Halloween is cancelled or anything, but there are some easy peasy steps you can take in the right direction:

 1.    By all means carve a pumpkin, but there’s no need to invest in pointless plastic carving tools that are going to snap at the first fang. And a tealight is just as safe as (and much cheaper than) a plastic candle if used correctly!