Pharmacists are boring. They get all obsessed with chemicals and receptors and the body. The good news is, this means you don’t have to be boring. You can run naked through wheat fields with a cheesy grin on your face or practice your downward dog while eating a gummy bear.

Speaking of gummy bears, the boring pharmacists here at Vegums have done their sciency thing and created a gummy bear that is perfectly blended to fill in all those vitaminy gaps in a vegan diet. Chewing 2 of these fruity bears a day will keep you running through fields without running into any health problems along the way.


We like animals. That’s why at Vegums we’ve traced all our ingredients back to their source to make sure that none have suffered along the way. Manufacturers tend to use animal products in weird and pointless ways, and we’re doing our bit to stop that. Take sugar for example. Most sugar that is found in food has been filtered and whitened using the bones of cattle.

We use unrefined cane sugar in Vegums because we know that like us, you want to do your bit to stop this abuse. But just so you know we’re not making it up, Vegums have been certified ‘Vegan’ by The Vegan Society, so you can enjoy chewing on your gummy bears, whilst sending a message that it’s not ok to harm animals.

We Love Kevin

Kevin makes plastic-free cellulose bags out of cornstarch and sells them from his unit in Chorley, Lancashire. His bags are special because they’re 100% biodegradable and can be thrown straight in your compost bin along with your potato peelings.

We use Kevin’s bags to package our Gummy Vitamins, because like everything else from Vegums it’s completely plastic-free.


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