About Us

Our Story

Vegums was created by two pharmacists with one simple question: "How can we make a multivitamin which contains only the specific vitamins that vegans need, without a random cocktail of extra ones thrown in? What’s more, rather than being a chore to take everyday it should be a treat for both adults and children. It should give vegans the comfort of knowing that all their essential vitamins are taken care of, leaving them to concentrate on their busy lives. It must contain natural ingredients, which are completely vegan-friendly, and no more than a pinch of natural sugar. Finally, it should be completely plastic-free and not contribute to landfill waste in any way."

After many months of perfecting a vitamin and mineral blend, achieving vegan certification and designing packaging which is completely recycled and biodegradable... we finally cracked it!

So this is Vegums!

Our ethos

Our plastic-free promise

You’ll get our signature Vegums ‘Click-Click’ metal tin FREE with your first order. It’s designed to be a neat, portable and plastic-free way to store and carry your Vegums.

All Vegums gummy vitamins are sealed in biodegradable cellulose packaging, which is made of corn starch and can be thrown straight in the compost bin.

These packets of Vegums are contained in a recycled cardboard tube, which can either be recycled or re-used for whatever your imagination will allow...

Even the padded envelope, which is delivered to your door is made of recycled macerated paper (instead of bubble wrap) and can be recycled along with your usual waste paper.

This all means that absolutely nothing from Vegums will go to landfill.

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