Be More Bear

On a scale of 1-a bit weird, how much do you love David Attenborough?

Which of these brands make your favourite meat alternative?

Which of your bins gets full the quickest?

Which is your favourite documentary (or the one that's top of your watchlist)?

Only one can go... Which are you saying goodbye to?

What item can't you leave the house without?

How many tote bags do you own? (Don't worry, your hoarding secret is safe with us)

One HAS to go! Choose wisely...

Which type of milk do you splash in your hot drinks?

Who's your favourite farm animal?

Would you rather...

Which water guzzling appliance would you rather live without?

How fishy is your breath?

Who's your favourite vegan supplement brand?

Be More Bear

Sounds like your biggest Mr Motivator is the future of our planet! So we're challenging you to get the party started by p-p-p-picking up some plastic (off the streets). Save the penguins!

Hello Doctor Doolittle! According to our calculations you're all about the animals (so we're sorry for making you choose favourites). If you don't eat plant-based, this is a sign to give it a go - why not start by swapping out your milk? Or if you already do, encourage someone else to!

You go Glen Coco! We love to see you putting your health first this month (and always). To keep active, why not try and change the way you travel one day to something with lower emissions? On your bike!

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