Want it to be Plastic-Free July every month? These brands can help…

In celebration of Plastic-Free July we’re championing a handful of plastic-free brands we’ve come across recently that really float our boat. Some have even agreed to give you lovely lot a discount code, so make sure you’ve got your card to hand for this one…


Zero Waste Path:

Zero Waste Path is a small vegan (and vegan-owned) brand of palm-oil-free and sustainable self care products! They’ve got everything you need to pamper yourself, from a 2-in-1 shampoo bar line to essential oil candles, we provide high quality, ethical alternatives to every-day products.

They put a lot of effort into being circular and reducing waste, which is why they choose easily-recyclable and reusable packaging made of cardboard, glass and metal over plastic.

Use the code VEGUMS10 for 10% off here!



At Kutis we believe the natural world provides all we need for our skin. We carefully blend quality and ethically sourced ingredients to make our 100% natural and nourishing skincare products. It makes good sense to us to look after the world around us and leave as light a footprint as possible and so our packaging is plastic free, made from materials that are compostable or widely recyclable.

Not only can you use the code VEGUMS20 for 20% off here (valid until 19/08)… We’re also doing a giveaway with them over on Instagram! Allons-y!


PLAYin Choc:

PLAYin CHOC is quite possibly the kindest chocolate brand we have come across. Their ethos is JOY+HEALTH+PLANET, and their delicious organic chocolate has just gone on to win its 29th award! We are also big fans because they are proudly plastic free, zero waste and 100% recyclable, and they have the cutest range of 66 collectable ToyChoc Boxes for curious and inquisitive minds. Each ToyChoc Box comes with 2 mini chocolates, a card puzzle toy and an educational fun facts card!

For the grown-ups, they have their JustChoc bars so you don’t have to steal your kids choccy! Oh, and did we mention that their three plant recipe is also vegan and free from the top 14 allergens?

Visit their website to explore the full collection:


Peace With The Wild:

Peace With The Wild started and is still to this day a small family run business. From the grass roots of the garage of mum Rachel, son Jordan, daughter Madison, and dad Karl’s family home in 2018, they now have their HQ in the beautiful countryside of Epworth, North Lincolnshire working with over 200 small independent brands (Vegums included!) that are just as passionate as ourselves in creating natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable products with you and our environment in mind.

They pride themselves in providing eco-friendly alternatives to your everyday essentials, and ensure all orders a sent out in plastic free, reusable, recyclable materials for a low carbon footprint.

As a family the PWTW team have been trying to live zero waste for many years now and believe that everyone, no matter how big or small can make a difference: “everything we do creates waste, however by becoming a conscious consumer and switching to reusables we believe, just like we have, you can reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Let’s face it, there really is no planet B.”

Get your essentials here:

Plastic Freedom:

Plastic Freedom is another one of our eco-conscious stockists, and they started small too! Beth is the brains behind the brand, and the demand was so overwhelming when she first started from the comfort of her own home that she was soon moving to a warehouse that we’re seriously jealous of! 

Her shop is packed with everything you could ever need, including homeware, alcohol, and vegan and eco-friendly sex toys!

So, look after yourself AND the planet here:


…And obviously a huge fanfare @ ourselves because we’re as plastic free as can beeeee. Our bear of the month is our Fish-Free Omega-3 gummy, because not only is it not putting plastic in the oceans: it’s also not taking fish out of them! Get it here.


By making the move to brands like these now, you’re paving the way for yourself to live as plastic-free as possible all year round – not just for a hot girl summer. Spotted any brands recently that are doing the Lord’s work? Give them a shoutout in the comments!