Bearing Our Teeth: Challenges Completed

Earth Day is officially here, and we have to say, it’s bittersweet… Of course it’s a cause for celebration (and extra activism), but it also marks the end of our challenge calendar! That means no more looking at a pretty graphic every day for inspiration – but you only need to look as far as the end of your nose for motivation when it comes to the future of our planet. Just because it’s no longer Earth Day advent doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself to do something for the greater good every day, no matter how big or how small. So here’s a roundup of how we got involved, how you can continue to get involved, and how to stay on top of that all-important education.


We really hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves as much as we have (which was arguably too much – Lucy, I’m looking at you) and have learnt a lot about how much an individual can do, and how small changes can make a big difference.


Here are the challenges for future reference, sorted into handy categories!


The first is EDUCATE – for when you’re needing a bit more motivation, or want something to do from the comfort of your own home:

Get the ball rolling with our book recommendations here – there’s something for all ages, and we’d love to turn it into a recurring book club!


The second is ENCOURAGE – for one-offs, or for getting someone else involved:

Plan a sustainable meal – and become the king of the kitchen – by reading our anti-food waste blog here!


The third is CHANGE – the greatest investment for a long-term impact:

Read more about changing the way you travel here! Every Wednesday, we’re going to make it our mission to remove cars from the equation as a team. Join us!


And finally, here’s one for you to check off right now:

What will you promise to the planet in the spirit of it being Earth Day every day? We’re pledging to keep climate justice at the forefront of our minds, and to be eco-conscious in every decision we make; whether that’s when buying something, eating something, doing something, or going somewhere. Don’t tell T*sco, but every little really DOES help.


If you’ve got involved, then don’t forget to share your stories with the world and include the hashtag #BeMore🐻. Remember, exposure is a huge part of education! Your post could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back – the camel being someone who’s been sitting on the fence about whether there’s any point in them getting involved…


If you’d like to learn a bit more about educating, encouraging, and making change (whilst also getting a laugh out of it) then head to our TikTok page to see us attempting some challenges ourselves!


As always, let us know your thoughts via socials or in the comments below. We’d love to hear how you got involved, and what your Earth Day pledge is!