No Car Wednesday

For a lot of us, a car can feel like an everyday necessity. But with the constant improvement of alternative transportation, we’re discovering that travelling without a car isn’t just possible for those living in cities.

There are many reasons why we might want to leave the car behind and take an alternative travel method. Whether we are trying to have a positive impact on the environment, save money, or even get a bit healthier, we want to help show you it’s easier than ever to learn to get around without a car. 

Get on a bus!

Using public transportation such as buses can be a great way to get around without using your car. Most of us who drive daily might not have been on a bus in a long time, but if we all committed to using a bus once a week or a month, we could make a huge impact on our carbon footprint. 

If every full bus took people who would have otherwise driven, we could remove 30-40 cars on the road every trip.

Free Side View of a Man with a Beret Cap Riding a Bicycle Stock Photo

Get on your bike!

In the UK, this can be very weather permitting for most of us. Riding a bike is a great way to get from A to B, and not only will you improve the health of the planet, but also your own health. 

There are loads of attachments you can add to your bike to help you transport more than just yourself. Saddle bags are a great way to carry everything from work gear to clothes. You can even add a kids seat trailer, making your bike perfect for a trip to the park or carrying food back from the store.

Getting on your bike is one of the easiest ways to travel longer distances and improve your health at the same time. Plus you’ll save on petrol and help the environment!

Get your boots on and walk!

If you need to travel more than 10 miles, we aren’t recommending you walk (You can if you really want to, but a bike might be quicker!) There are a lot of cases where we can choose to walk rather than pick up our keys and start the car.

We can all be guilty of driving to corner shops where walking would only take a few more minutes. If we all start making these small journeys by foot, collectively we can have a big impact on our carbon footprint and the world around us.

Walking your little ones to school is a great form of exercise. It reduces the risk of obesity and heart disease, improves mood and generally does wonders for your young adventurer’s health. It also helps to create good habits for an active lifestyle.

You’d be surprised how much walking can improve your mood. Even just taking a half hour walk everyday around your neighbourhood or local park can do wonders for your mental health.

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Get on the train!

Did you know that by taking the train you produce 7 times less CO2 per journey than using a car? Well now you do!

Trains are great ways to travel in and out of cities, especially if you’re going a relatively short distance. Driving into city centres not only costs the petrol and wear and tear on the car, but also can include some pretty heavy parking charges. 

Taking the train means you can charge your phone and use the train wifi, enjoy space and comfort, take your own food and drinks, or you can even order hot food on trains these days. 

What if I really need to drive?

Sometimes we might need to take the car as we might be unable to cycle, train, or bus it. If we do, there are still eco-friendly ways we can travel. 

Carpooling with friends or family to your destination will help keep our carbon footprint as low as possible if we do need to use a car. Carpooling with 4 other people who would have otherwise driven will directly remove 4 cars off the road. This not only helps reduce congestion and traffic jams but also saves us fuel, money, and allows us to relax on the journey.

Got a way you travel without using the car? Drop it in the comments below!