Vegums 2022 Earth Day – Be More Bear!

This Earth Day, we’re challenging you to ‘Be More Bear’!

What does it mean to Be More Bear?

We’re not telling you to catch salmon or climb trees (not least because we’re vegan and we’d get sued if you broke your legs)… We’re encouraging you to be more like the inspiration behind our little gummies. Bears aren’t actually mean or malicious: they’re gentle and tolerant, and have been known to be empathetic, playful, and social – much like humans! So this is an opportunity to showcase your strength and power as an individual, for the greater good.

It’s no secret that at Vegums we’re all about creating a more sustainable world. That’s why it’s time for us to lead by example: by taking action and empowering everyone to believe in the power of small steps.

Through this series of challenges for ourselves and you, we aim to educate, encourage, and affect change around everything we stand for: the planet, its animals, and the health of its people. 

To find out how you can get involved, sign up below and on April 4th we’ll send you your first #BeMore🐻 challenge!

The first week will focus on education and motivation because even the best of us need an occasional reminder about why we should care…

Want to get ahead of the game? See the challenge calendar spoilers below!

Hit the download button to save the calendar to your camera roll, then play bingo with us! Every time you complete a challenge, post it to your story with a checkmark and tag @vegums, and if you’re lucky we’ll share it. You can follow along on the #BeMore🐻 hashtag too – we’re trying to get as many people involved as possible, so you might even see some familiar faces…

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