eco friendly staycation ideas

Eco friendly staycation ideas on a budget

2021 is the year of the staycation, however actually finding fun things to do around the UK can prove more difficult than first imagined. Luckily, we’ve created this easy guide of fun, eco friendly, and cost effective things to do whilst you enjoy your well deserved time off, either staying home or visiting new and exciting places across the country.

Eco friendly outdoor staycation ideas:

  1. Explore somewhere new and go for a walk or hike
    Getting outside and visiting somewhere new is one of the cheapest, and more eco friendly forms of entertainment. You can easily find information about local trails and walks online. So why not map your adventure, pop your boots on and take a nice refreshing hike.

    Many trails are based on their difficulty and elevation,  this will help you pack enough snacks and water for the journey.
  2. Get out the house and visit a local park
    Visiting local parks or national trust sites is always a great idea when you are stuck for something to do. To save a bit of money and get your body moving, why not think about riding a bike to the park instead of using your car or motorbike.

    Parks are the perfect location for picnics, bike rides, walks in nature, letting the kids loose on some climbing equipment, or just relaxing and doing a bit of people watching.
  3. Take a picnic to a scenic location
    Having a picnic somewhere nice is a great way to have fun on a stay-cation. Wrap up your favourite foods and drinks in a blanket, pop them in a basket (or backpack) and get going!

    You can take your picnic wherever you choose, you can take it to the park, on a hike, to the beach, or just enjoy it in the comfort of your own garden. It’s the company and the food that counts.

    If you’re looking for an eco and plastic free way to picnic, follow our guide here.
  4. Play sports
    If you’re not athletic, don’t fear, we don’t mean a 90 minute, 11-aside match of football! But a tense game of rounders can bring out the competitive streak in even the calmest of your friends. Get your heart racing, your adrenaline pumping and grind out a victory with your friends or family.

Indoor staycation ideas:

  1. Have an arts and crafts day
    If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day during your staycation, there are still loads of fun things you can do with friends or family, or even by yourself.

    Even if crafts isn’t your strong point, it’s still a great way to have fun indoors and on a budget. Keep the craft ideas simple and everyone will have a great time.

    Below is our list of easy, fun, and eco friendly craft ideas:
    1. Tye Dye an old T-shirt
    2. Decorate Christmas ornaments (bit early but always good to be prepared!)
    3. Make candles at home
    4. Mason jar crafts
    5. Hanging paper wall art (just cut any shape you choose – hearts always look good!)
  2. Create your own escape room
    Escape rooms are super popular and fun, but with big groups it can get expensive. They are easy to create, or you can even order packs in ready to go.

    We’ve found a really helpful guide here on how to do your own escape room.
  1. Home movie day
    We touched on home movie days in our last blog – Low cost summer activities. But a home movie day is a great way to spend a rainy day. You can print off your own movie tickets, have movie themed snacks, and dress up as your favourite character from your film – Best case example, everyone dresses up as wizards for a Harry Potter marathon.
  2. Plan a board game tournament
    Hosting a board game tournament is an easy way to make playing board games even more fun. No one wants to sit through 3 hours of Monopoly, but playing a mixture of quick board games and competing in a point based tournament can be great fun. It also means if someone loses a game, they’re not out, it’s on to the next game to claw it back!
    If you need a list of quick board games perfect for a tournament, follow our list below:
    1. Connect 4
    2. Hungry Hippos
    3. Guess Who
    4. Noughts and Crosses